Monday, March 2, 2009


Here´s a mix I did for Al Kent´s mighty MDD early last year. I still get requests about the tracklist so I´m hoping people felt the selection, altough I still get hassled for preferring the Front Row 45 over the 12"!! Here´s the action once more, in full detail.

Jesse James "I Can Feel Your Love Vibes" edit
Janette Renee "What´s On Your Mind"
Brenda Cuffari "My Music Says It All"
Green Sisters "Win Place & Show"
JNB "I´ll Be The One"
First Class International "Playing"
Yohon "Fly With Me"
Front Row "Wanting You"
11th Commandment "Dance With Me"
Family Of Eve "Having It So Bad For You"
Barrett Strong "Love Is You" edit
Clifton Dyson "I´m Giving Up"
Charles Veal "New Found Love"
Raydiant "Our Love"

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