Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Mrs Carol Hahn was kind enough to give KGS some insight of things leading up to her recording the rare groove diamond "Do Your Best". A big, big thank you to Carol for taking time to do this!

Can you give some background how did the record come together in 1982?

"This was my first record. I had a five piece band in Springfield, MA/Hartford, CT area and went into a studio in Hartford called Nickel Studios owned by a guy named Jack Stang to record a demo for my band to help get club and party dates. Jack liked my voice and asked if I wanted to record some originals. He was also working with a guy named Rahni Harris who was in a funk band out of Detroit called Dayton. I think Rahni had relatives or something in the area and that's why he was in CT at the time. Rahni was an very talented guy and wrote and produced most of the songs on my "Portraits" album. "Do your Best" was the single released off that album."

"We had a great horn section play on it and a great bass player named Morris Pleasure. Mo Pleasure, as he was called by his friends, went on to play with many big groups and ended up with Earth Wind & Fire as their keyboardist and musical director. DYB was recorded on a 16 track and the dance version spliced into the various parts. We released it and supplied all the dance pools with copies and started to get a buzz. Jack also hired a Billboard promoter who got it on the Billboard dance charts, we also got a good review in Billboard for the album which helped the record. It was licensed to Supreme and I'm not sure how well it did in Europe. It was also licensed to a couple of other labels outside the US and released."

Looking back now 27 years later, how do you feel about that time and era in your career?

"All I can say about the recording of the album was that it was a great time. They were wonderful and talented musicians to work with and everybody got along great. I think we all felt lucky to be able to record originals and release them on a record. It was of course a musician's dream."


Carol Hahn "Do Your Best" (zShare)

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