Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Here´s some blazin´ bootleg utillery.

Back in 2005 I was listening to Brandy´s acapella and thought it would make perfect sense over a uptempo bass-driven disco beat. So it was a case of explaining this to my man Dharma One and it was on. At the time this was looking to be the first KGS-release but due to busy schedule I had to put this on hold which I have ever since regretted in agony, sniff.. There is also a dub-version over Class Action´s "Weekend", which you can hear it in my sets from time time.

But this is what went down, artwork by the one and only Dj Fiskars from Top Billin fame.

Dee One "Boogie Baby" (zShare)


  1. Permission to play this out! please

  2. First time I heard this bootleg, it's sick... I'd love to include it in my sets, can I download it somehow ?