Sunday, March 1, 2009


Welcome, Bienvenido, Welkom, Benvenuti, Willkommen, Salve, Bienvenue, Välkommen, Terrrrrvetuloa!!

It´s Ionik here to warmly welcome You & Yours to the sounds and sights of deep disco, underground boogie and modern soul music in it´s purest, finest and rawest form. I´ll also be dippin´ into house & hip hop from time to time - mainly trying to focus on the more soulful side of things. So check in every now and then and feel free to comment, ask, suggest, rate, bid, correct, hate, love etc anything I post.

So, without further adieu, (and I hate saying that, trusme!) what better way to set the journey off than letting Mr Tom Browne set the mood right.


Tom Browne "Come For A Ride" (zShare)

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  1. brilliant, facinating, complete heaven