Thursday, April 30, 2009


Part two from Richard - more uptempo with modern & boogie tunes in this one, perfect mix to get you ready for Labour Day. Big up Richard.

Hauskaa Vappua!

Melvin Moore - All Of A Sudden - Sky Hero
John Simmons - Ain't Nothing Like The Love - Sabrina
Willie John - I Don't Just Want Your Body - Campo (Can)
Carol Shinnette - Cyanide Love - Optune
Family Of Eve - I Want To Be Loved By You - Jeree
Jay Player - Love Is The Answer - Bevnik
J J Johnson - Don't You Go Away - TCC
Clarence Jackson - Wrap It Up - RR
Pictures - I'm Gonna See You Through - South West Experience
David Sea - Night After Night - Crown Ltd
Stanley Williams - Count The Days - Hotline
Hot Ice - I've Got To Know - Hot Ice
Frank Alstin - It Must Be Love This Time - Chakras
Lavestia - I Want Your Love - Mimco
William Bostic - What You Do To Me - SOR
Clifton Dyson - I'm Giving Up - QS
Lee Morris - I Have Love For You - Starville
Khaliq - I Never Had A Love - Brofeel
Charles Johnson - Never Had A Love So Good - Alston
Truth - Coming Home - Devaki
Cheryl Hunter - Do It Right - Budweiser

Richard F 80´s 7´s Mix (zShare)


  1. Hi, this is superb but is there any chance you could upload a slightly shorter version (1'19'52 or below) so I can burn it to a CD? When I tried to edit it myself the program I use said the MP3 is 'damaged'. Many thanks.

  2. Hi, the file should ok to download & edit. Which software are you using to edit?